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How Much Would Dental Implant Treatment Cost From Single to Full Jaw Restoration.

In most situations, dental implants cost roughly the same or slightly more than any other tooth-replacing treatments involving crowns or bridges. However, in the long run dental implants are the more value for money and satisfactory option. When you think about it realistically, the procedure takes place over 3-4 months with about 4 visits to the dentist, then after that you are as good as new for the rest of your life. You are basically paying to replace your mouth but to the highest standards because it is a one time procedure unlike dentures or bridges that will require replacements and cause problems.

Another advantage to implants is that if you only require one tooth replacement here or there, the dentist won’t need to cut down the surrounding teeth to make room for the new crown as it will be fitted to your mouth. This will keep your surrounding teeth standing strong and healthy and cut the cost of shaving the other teeth down… Every little helps! This puts dental implants above bridges when it comes to practicality as bridges require the cutting down of surrounding teeth to give the replacement support which can cause –and does more so than doesn’t- the wear of the surrounding teeth.

Unlike dentures, the implants are fixed to the jawbone meaning that they are as steady as rock…Or at least original teeth! They won’t cause you problems with speaking or eating as they won’t move around in your mouth like dentures do. In fact, they are even more well anchored to the bone than natural teeth!

You’re paying for the upgrade of your mouth, with the use of the best known materials and treatment of its kind. Also, the process time includes placement and healing time therefore you are as good as new once your treatment has finished. You will be able to eat what you want, drink what you want and smile as freely as a young child for the rest of your life without the worry of your teeth falling out!

Prices vary for single teeth as in depends of where in the mouth the replacement is. Upper jaw is profoundly the more expensive option where as the lower jaw can be found to be significantly less. Many factors effect pricing. Also, different surgeries price differently. Some charge for each stage of the procedure. For example, the initial examination of the mouth is free, followed by an implant report with models and photos which can cost up to £150 then the scan and fixture ranging from £1000-£1500- for a single implant- depending on the area of the tooth etc.

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For a full jaw restoration the prices are considerably more and are priced differently for upper jaw and lower jaw. For example, complete replacement of the lower jaw can range from £3990 to £4500 depending on the shape, size and health of the jaw. So many factors go into account as it results in how easy the process will be for the surgeon and the patient. Complete upper jaw implants range from £6990 to £7500 as they are seen as the more important teeth when it comes to canines and smiling. It all depends on where you go for your treatment as well. Private care will expectedly be more.

A video to watch on the process of dental implants